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Incredible Pizza

Since the beginning, we've put everything into the development and improvement of our pizza, utilising Neapolitan fermentation fundamentals whilst adapting and evolving our product to bring you dough that is as unique as a fingerprint, yet familiar enough to help you reimagine what pizza could be. 


We specialise in private events, choosing to stay away from the beaten path of markets and festivals and instead focusing on delivering an unparalleled private dining experience where we can cater for up to 200 people over 2 - 6 hours.  

Our professionally wrapped, self contained pizza van not only looks great, but it also houses our Pavesi Joy 90 clay oven which allows us to hand stretch, top, cook and serve 40 - 80 piping hot pizzas per hour with a customisable menu consisting of countless varieties of pizza, catering for all dietary requirements including gluten free, Vegan, Lactose Intolerant, Halal and Kosha (on request)   

We've cooked for celebrities, olympians, politicians and aristocrats...at hotels, schools, work places and homes....the one constant being, EVERYBODY LOVES PIZZA!

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